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Published on May 2nd, 2014 | by AlexandreG.


Great Music and Playlists To Listen In Parties

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Congratulations you’ve decided it’s time to host your very own poker party. Poker parties are easy and fun and you don’t need a lot of equipment. In fact here’s the entire list.

Playing cards – at least one deck per table. If you use two decks the game moves a little faster, but it’s not necessary.
Poker Chips – You can find quality chips at most hobby and game shops.
That’s it. You don’t need fancy poker tables as you can play on any card table or even your kitchen table. Add some snacks and drinks and you’re ready to go. Some hosts provide a list that shows the ranking of poker hands for the players as well.

The only other thing you need is a killer poker playlist and we have that covered for you too. Our list includes something that will appeal to all of your players and help complete your theme:

Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas. The perfect song to set the theme for your poker party. If Elvis isn’t your style, you could use the Z.Z. Top version.


Kenny Rogers – The Gambler. Rodgers song which reminds your players that they “need to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em” is probably the best known poker song in the world.

Motorhead – Ace of Spades. Nothing gets the energy level up like Lemmy and the band in a song dedicated to the card that has been called “the most beautiful card in the deck.”

Lady Gaga – Pokerface. “I wanna hold em like they do in Texas please. Fold ‘em let ‘em hit me raise it baby stay with me, I love it. Luck and intuition play the cards with Spades to start.” Gaga’s catchy track is a must for any poker party.


Iron Maiden – Aces High. This one is perfect for getting your guests adrenaline flowing.

AC/DC – The Jack. The song’s lyrics “Poker face was her name. Poker face was her nature. Poker straight was her game. If she knew she could get you,” along with AC/DC’s hard driving beat makes for a great party song.

Suzanne Vega – No Cheap Thrill. Suzanne is an avid poker player and her song captures the feel of the game really well.

Leonard Cohen – The Stranger Song. You have to let your players catch their breath every now and then and Cohen’s ballad about a man who is reluctant to stop the game is perfect.

Aerosmith – Deuces Are Wild. Even your newer players will know about the old school kitchen table poker favourite.


The Steve Miller Band – Take the Money and Run. Your players that have just pulled off a successful bluff will truly appreciate this one.

Talking Heads – Take Me to the River. Another track that will keep your guests bouncing in their seats while they shuffle their chips.

Grateful Dead – The Deal.   This is another song that lets your guest relax for just a few minutes.

Aerosmith – Kings and Queens. The Boston band must have played a lot of poker on the tour bus as poker themes show up in a lot of their songs.

O.A.R. – That Was a Crazy Game of Poker. Catchy and perfect to include near the end of your playlists when the party is winding down.

You can probably think of some other songs to add to our poker playlist. Just remember that a poker game doesn’t have to be a bunch of guys in sunglasses quietly staring at each other. Make your playlist reflect the fun nature of the game.




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