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Pixies have made available their new LP the band’s first in 23 years – for online Streaming.

‘Indie Cindy’ – as well ‘Everyday Robots’ from Damon Albarn – will be released on next April 29 , and you can stream the full abum here below.

The successor of Trompe le Monde, 1991, includes 12 tracks, recorded in October 2012 in the UK, including the eight tracks collected in EP-1′ and EP-2′, released in September last year and January this year, and three songs from EP-3′, recently released, which joins Bagboy’.

The production is by Gil Norton, who was the responsible for the production of Doolittle’, Bossanova’ and Trompe Le Monde.


‘Indie City’ tracklist:

1.What Goes Boom
2.Greens and Blues
3.Indie Cindy
5.Magdalena 318
6.Silver Snail
7.Blue Eyed Hexe
8.Ring the Bell
9.Another Toe in the Ocean
10.Andro Queen
12.Jaime Bravo



pixies band logo wallpaper



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