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Legendary 68-year-old Neil Young confirms new album entitled ‘A Letter Home’ to be release in March.

‘A Letter Home,’ will have a old-school feel like he told to Rolling Stone: ‘It’s one of the lowest-tech experiences I’ve ever had’. Few info are known about the album, only that will be an ‘unheard collection of rediscovered songs from the past’ emerge via Jack White’s Third Man Records.

One thing is sure, according to Neil Young’s Facebook, the partnership between him and Jack White for a covers album isn’t going to happening: ‘Neil Young and Jack White are not doing a record of duets as has been erroneously posted on various outlets.’

Neil Young’s last two albums were both from 2012, ‘Americana’ and the acclaimed ‘Psychedelic Pill’.

68 year old Neil Young with his black electric guitar jack white with his gretsch guitar

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