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Brian May has spoken about releasing a new Queen track featuring Freddie , John and Roger. The guitarist confirmed that he has been given the all-clear after being tested for prostate cancer, and celebrated it with a cup of tea and a ‘magic’ forgotten Queen track. Brian wrote on his blog that the super secret Queen track recorded by the band some 30 years ago and featuring Freddie on vocals has just been discovered.

‘Some Queen magic is happening,’ he blogged on and added:  ‘I feel it in my bones. What I can say is the track we dusted off has the four of us – Freddie, John, Roger and myself – playing together on a track we’d all forgotten about. It sounds so fresh. I got quite emotional hearing some it.’

About how much the song is secret he told: What’s great is NOBODY has got hold of this and leaked it. How brilliant is that? Well, this is something shiny and to all intents and purposes new. And we get the chance to polish it in private, without advice from all and sundry!’

Remember that last year, Queen signed a contract with Universal Music Group, promising rare and unreleased material to their fans, as well as a film about the band.


Freddie Mercury and Brian MayFreddie Mercury and Brian May live in the 70s freddie mercury with michael jackson Queen freddie mercury pose live on stage portrait of a very young brian may young freddie mercury from queen rock band brian may special guitar young brian may from queen with his special guitar




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