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The former Pink Floyd bassist/singer will released the first rock material in over two decades.

The Eternal Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters has spent the last few years on tour with the famous double album The Wall, and have confirmed the release of a new solo album for 2014. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Waters said some details about the project, which did not have its title announced and comes out more than two decades after Amused to Death.

About the new record, Waters said its a concept album that has a theatrical aspect and several characters who interact with each other during the adventure. The musician describes the album as a quest about an old man and a child: “The grandpa enters into a covenant with the boy that he will take him on a quest to find an answer to his question, ‘Why are we killing the children?’ And that’s what the record’s about,” Waters said.


wall tour roger waters with choir another brick 2

the wall roger waters

roger waters pink floyd

Roger Waters bass guitar

Roger Waters Performing "The Wall" 2010

young roger waters

roger waters amused to death cover album



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