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come as you are nirvana single cover

Cobain recorded his guitar solo in two takes, lyrically ‘Come as You Are’ leave the listeners with many interpretations, however, the vocalist stated that it’s about human behavior and how people often act contradictory to what you might expect. Although Cobain were afraid about the similarities of this song with Killing Joke’s ‘Eighties’ , it eventually become Nevermind’ second single and peaked at number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Don’t be surprised if one day you go to Aberdeen, Washington, and find a Town Board with the inscription: ‘Welcome to Aberdeen: Come As You Are’.

It is true that Kurt Cobain wasn’t a virtuoso guitar, far from it, but he create incredible melodies as in the case of Come as You Are.

Check other easy songs to play on guitar on Promusictutor. Below you can see how to play this classic main riff :

easy nirvana song to play on acoustic guitar

kurt cobain on mtv unplugged with his acoustic martin d 18 e

kurt cobain's 1953 martin acoustic guitar

young kurt cobain picture alongside an acoustic guitar


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