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Top 3 Kenny Chesney Albums

Kenny Chesney is one of country music’s undoubted all-time stars, with some 14 gold-or-higher rated album releases over a startling 20-year career. He has won multiple different awards throughout his career, and has broken records across the industry for his songs, recordings and live shows. A prolific songwriter, country artist Kenny Chesney has released over 30 Top Ten singles, with 22 number ones. For those who are looking to delve deeper into the music of Kenny Chesney, there is much to sink your teeth into. But with so many different albums mapping out his extensive career in this business, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Of all the albums released over his extensive, celebrated career, there are a few that generally get the warmest reception from fans of his music. Here are the top 3 albums that most fans would recommend.

When The Sun Goes Down

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Chesney’s 2004 album When The Sun Goes Down is credited with taking his career to the next level, and is one of the first albums that took Chesney to a wider audience. In addition to his own songs like Anything But Mine (with a video filmed on location in South Carolina), the album also features original works from some of the finest country songwriters in the business. Dave Loggins’ song Please Come To Boston is a highlight on this album, with Chesney’s acoustic rendition helping bring out the raw beauty of the song. When The Sun Goes Down featuring Uncle Kracker went to number one, while lead release There Goes My Life conquered the Billboard charts for several months in 2004.

Be As You Are/The Road And The Road

Released in 2005, Be As You Are was the award-winning release that sparked his record-breaking Somewhere in the Sun tour. The Road And The Road came later in the same year, and launched some of the songs for which Chesney is arguably now best known. The album saw three number one singles, in the shape of Beer in Mexico, Fast Forward and Summertime, with two more reaching positions in the top 5 in the charts. These two albums won countless awards for Chesney and those involved, and helped cement his position as the king of country.

Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates

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His most sensitive work to date, Poets & Pirates was offered up by Chesney in the midst of a record sales battle between Kanye West and 50 Cent. Determined to prove the popularity of country music in relation to rap, Chesney said his sales would compete with these two albums, all released on the same day, to determine which was more popular. While Chesney came third of the three, his high profile efforts were said to have helped raise the profile of his album and country music more broadly.

Kenny Chesney’s career has no doubt been prolific to date, and he continues to produce albums that are well received by millions of fans worldwide every year.



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