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Best Live Albums of All Time


1 – The Who – Live at Leeds

(Recorded 14 February 1970; University of Leeds, Leeds)

the who live at leeds 1970

After ‘Tommy’, Pete Townshend try to do something even more dashing, a interactive and conceptual project called ‘Lifehouse’, but it will be stranded leading by other means to the mega-classic ‘Who’s Next’. In between The Who had become one of the best live rock acts in the world, and decided record their first live album, and what an album! ‘Live At Leeds’ is considered by many the Holy Grail of the Best Live Albums ever made.

‘Live at Leeds’, is an essential work in the universe of Rock. Remember that he came out, more than 40 years ago – it was a real punch in the ears such was the power of the sound (is an album to listen loud without any respect for the neighbors). Alongside the best songs of the band , ‘Tommy’ was the first rock opera in history, released in 1969, and was played in its entirety in this concert. What impresses also in this live recording is the loyalty to original arrangements,  in the auditorium of the University of Leeds (England) for a privileged audience. The performance of Keith Moon on drums, is absolutely staggering and only confirms that he was one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. With only one guitarist (Pete Townshend, who plays with a Gibson SG), it was up to John Entwistle turn their guitar and fill the gaps – who hears the album doesn’t believe that this speed machine only has four strings and gives reason to Paul McCartney when he asked for an autograph to Entwistle after a show of The Who in the 70’s. Daltrey is in a great night too.

The album has been reissued on several occasions and in several different formats. Since its initial reception, The Who Live at Leeds has been cited by several music critics as the best live rock recording of all time.



2 – The Rolling Stones – Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!

(Recorded 26 November 1969, Baltimore and 27–28 November 1969, New York City)

get yer ya ya's out the rolling stones live 1969

‘Get your Ya Ya’s Out’ is one of the finest documents ever recorded live of a band at the top of its game. Following the death of Brian Jones, the US tour takes off with a new member in the band – Mick Taylor. This concert marked the beginning of a new era for The Rolling Stones, during which they created their best music.

Recording during two nights, November 27th/28th, 1969, The Rolling Stones take the stage at New York’s Madison Square Garden and blow everything away, converting ‘Beggars Banquet’ and ‘Let It Bleed’ into heavily pieces of music. Among the weight guests, there were B.B.King and Tina Turner. In relation to the sound quality, it’s awesome specially  the bonus material with an amazing version of Under My Thumb/I’m free’.

‘Get your Ya Ya’s Out’ will go down in history for another reason:  it has been the first live album to reach number 1 in the UK.




3 – Jimi Hendrix – Monterey Pop Festival

(Recorded June 18, 1967 at the Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey, California, USA)jimi hendrix live at monterey festival


The Monterey International Festival Pop of 1967, have joined the best artists of the contemporary music, but a band   would shine more than all other in this mythic festival, their name was Jimi Hendrix ExperienceHendrix at the time only has one album in his pocket, ‘Are You Experienced’They kill everyone on stage that night, including The Who at their best, and during 45 minutes they did a show that the audience will never forget in all their lives! The pink Stratocaster get up in flames, is one of the most striking scenes in the history of rock music.




4 – Queen – Live at Wembley Stadium

(Recorded 12 July 1986, Wembley Stadium – London, England)Queen live at wembley stadium

On June 12, 1986, almost whole of London stopped due to an huge concert: ‘Queen Live at Wembley’ . During two hours the quartet led by Freddie Mercury, gave a energetic and evolving performance, barely breathing, covering the major successes of the band: ‘A Kind of Magic’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘I Want to Break Free’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Friends Will Be Friends’, ‘We are the Champions’, among others. During the introduction to ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’, Freddie made ​​a statement about the rumors that the Queen would end soon: ‘They’re talking from here!…So forget those rumors, we’re gonna stay together until we fucking well die, I’m sure of it.’




5 – Bob Dylan – The Royal Albert Hall ConcertBob Dylan The Royal Albert Hall Concert

(Recorded May 17, 1966)

This show has one of the most important moments on Dylan’s career, the moment when he abdicates the folk rock, made only through acoustic guitar, voice and harmonica, replacing them with electric guitars, and being supported by one of the greatest bands of all time- who soon will be called. .. The Band.

A double album with just over 90 minutes broadcast an unforgettable show, full of tension and energy. Dylan then 24, is already the ‘owner of the musical world’, consolidating his name as one of the top names in folk rock. But on May 17, 1966, all that was going to change – Dylan took the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in Manchester, England, at a time when the excellent Bringing it All Back Home was in first position on the charts, and in front of more than 2,000 people, he started their acoustic set with ‘She Belongs to Me’ being applauded, and finished the first set with ‘Mr.Tambourine Man’.

The second half opened at full speed with the riff of Robertson on ‘Tell Me Momma’, a true wonder. Dylan gets angry with boos which began to be heard on Baby Let Me Follow You Down’. The public, was mesmerized, horrified with the power of the sound which came from guitars, organ, drums and bass, and they barely applauds the songs, and occasionally makes rumors. In return Dylan barely speaks with the fans, and when he does, it’s always in a ironic way. The climax of the show takes place in ‘Like a Rolling Stone’, when seconds before they start play it, a fan from the audience yells to Dylan: ‘Judas!’, and being applauded by the crowd. Dylan replied: ‘I do not believe you You’re a liar!’ shouting to Robertson: ‘get fuckin ‘loud!’, sending a masterful eight-minute version of a true classic rock, closing the show down under a lots of boos and few applause with the anthem ‘God Save the Queen’ being sung in speakers.




keith moon drum kit colour

young mick jagger live on stage

freddie mercury performing live classic picture wembley stadium

Jimi hendrix guitar on fire monterey live 1967

bob dylan in 1966 rare photo


6 – Led Zeppelin‘How The West Was Won’

7 – The Allman Brothers – ‘Live At Filmore East’

8 – Neil Young ‘Live Rust’

9 – Nirvana – ‘MTV Unplugged in New York’

10 – Deep Purple – ‘Made In Japan’

11 – Simon And Garfunkel – ‘The Concert In Central Park’

12 – MC5 – ‘Kick Out The Jams’

13 – Johnny Cash – ‘At Folsom Prison’

15 – James Brown – ‘Live At The Apollo’

16 – The Band – ‘The Last Waltz’


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