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Metallica to begin work on a new album

Metallica used the conference on Comic Con last weekend to announce that they would enter the studio to release a new album in 2014. Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con, Lars Ulrich said:

‘We’ll have run out of excuses for not doing it by then. 2014 will be all about making a new Metallica record’





The four musicians, Lars Ulrich, James Hatfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo also presented at Comic Con a new trailer for the film in 3D and IMAX, ‘Metallica Through the Never’. The actor Dane DeHaan (“Chronicle”) and director Nimrod Antal were also present at the event. See the promo below.

Fans that attending the event from San Diego were even presented with a concert of Californians. The North American debut is scheduled for September 27.


new metallica album metallica death magnetic front metallica james hetfield



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