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Pearl Jam releases details about new album ‘Lightning Bolt’ and first single ‘Mind Your Manners’


A new countdown was started in the official Pearl Jam website again, in the beginning of the week.. As soon as the counter reached ‘0:00:00’ was announced the release of an new album called ‘Lightning Bolt’, and also the first single ‘Mind Your Manners’.

‘Lightning Bolt’ will be released by Monkeywrench and will hit stores on October 15, it has the production of Brendan O’Brien and succeeds Backspacer, 2009. The pre-sale is now available on the band’s official website and via iTunes.pearl jam 2013 lightning bolt

Of the content of the album, McCready said inspiration was taken from Pink Floyd and Punk Rock, adding that the record is ‘experimental’. He said: ‘I would say as a cliché answer it’s kind of a logical extension of what ‘Backspacer’ was. But I think there’s a little bit more experimental stuff going on. There’s a Pink Floyd vibe to some of it, there’s a punk rock edge to other stuff.’.

Pearl Jam also announced a North American Tour starting in October. Scroll down to see the 40’s trailer for ‘Lightning Bolt’, the band first release since 2009, and to stream a new song , ‘Mind Your Manners’.




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