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It is already known the release date, alignment and cover of the new album from Queens Of The Stone Age, …Like Clockwork.

My God Is The Sun first appeared at Lollapalooza Brazil, now its time to listen the studio version of that song in its official debut. The lead single from the band’s first new album in six years (and their first for Matador), it’s a welcome return. Premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1, is part of the new album … Like Clockwork, coming out June 4, through Matador Records.

Check out the new single from Queens Of The Stone Age below!

1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
2. I Sat By The Ocean
3. The Vampyre Of Time And Memory
4. If I Had A Tail
5. My God Is The Sun
6. Kalopsia
7. Fairweather Friends
8. Smooth Sailing
9. I Appear Missing
10. …Like Clockwork



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