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He started out playing the piano during his childhood, writing songs one day at a time for his classical music-playing parents. He then transitioned to play the drums for his brother’s band, exposing himself to the heavy metal genre. He then got hold of electronic music duo Justice’s album, and from there he set out to conquer the world through Electronic Dance Music (EDM). That’s Zedd for you. Born Anton Zaslavski, this newest prince of EDM has found a strong foothold to mainstream music through his production of Clarity ft. Foxes. “I want to play really, really big venues,” the Woodies-nominated ‘Clarity’ producer tells Jocelyn Vena of MTV News.

Zedd already made a good number of remixes. In his SoundCloud account, he features a creation titled The Mothership Vol.2. This one hour long adrenaline pumping synthesizers and heavy dubs are very apt to set the mood if you’re planning to just stay indoors to enjoy your favorite MMORPG or simple online games. You could even use his productions as your inspiration to get pumped up if you are going out to enjoy the night over at high-class casinos or hot sensual dance floors of clubs. If you’re planning to see him live, he has a series of tours in the US and will be part of one of the greatest EDM festivals over at the UK, an event that will take place August, and one that will surely re-energize the populace since they will be recovering from one other adrenaline-pumping event this March, the World Poker Tour London. Both the World Poker Tour, which is organized by partycasino affiliate partypoker, and the EDM festival titled Creamfields 2013, are worldwide franchises being enjoyed by different countries already. Being a part of one of many globally-renowned events is just the beginning for our electro-music maestro.

After having free time due to the cancellation of concerts by Lady Gaga which he was supposed to be a part of, the young and fast-rising DJ contemplated hard on organizing his own tours which he hopes would be held in big venues around the world. “There’s a really big tour I’m planning right now, and we’re working on the details. As soon as it’s ready I’m going to announce it,” he teased, during his interview with “We literally study every single song; go through colors, shapes, visuals. If there’s a new song, we’ll most likely get a new visual for it. So it’s not gonna be only music. It will be a proper show and as you say, the more tickets we sell, the bigger the venues are, the bigger the stages are, the more we can do. That’s kind of the goal. I want to play really, really big venues and put on a proper show.” He further explains during the interview with Vena. With all clarity, by the time this comes to fruition, many will already be lining up for it. For now, enjoy his various Clarity mixes, from the first release to the stripped down acoustic version.

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