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John Grant release for download another song: listen now to Black Belt.

As mentioned here on musiclipse.comJohn Grant will release Pale Green Ghosts on May 14 via his new label. The new album goes  into electro-noir sound and was made with Biggi Veira,  and features guest appearances from Sinead O’Connor and saxophonist Óskar Gudjónsson.

His last solo album, 2010′s Queen Of Denmark, was meditative folk-rock, recorded with Midlake as his backing band. But now Grant is living in Iceland, and he’s about to release a disco-house album to surprise everybody.  Check the download for the new punchy track Black Belt, and seet the video for Pale Green Ghosts.


Tracklist of Pale Green Ghosts:

01.     Pale Green Ghosts
02.     Black Belt
03.     GMF
04.     Vietnam
05.     It Doesn’t Matter To Him
06.     Why Don’t You Love Me Anymore
07.     You Don’t Have To
08.     Sensitive New Age Guy
09.     Ernest Borgnine
10.   I Hate This Town
11.   Glacier


Pale Green Ghosts Video:


john grant pale green ghost balck belt john grant blak belt photo John Grant cover pale green ghosts


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