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Foals are on form and completely on top of their game, the band want stadium sucess , and Holy Fire might just give it to them.


They want to reach the commercial success, and they deserve it, this album can be the platform they need. Foals’ new sound on their third release, Holy Fire, allude to experimentation and to a smooth transition to the live stage.  The fascinating Antidotes (2008) and the progressive Total Life Forever (2010), are easily among the most innovative and intriguing British rock records of the last decade, but Holy Fire is more experimental than Foals‘ previous releases and it covers more ground.

Prelude can only foresee a album loaded with anger and explosion and Inhaler confirms that sensation,  i had  to confirm whether Tom Morello was an additional musician for recording the album … Inhaler has a guitar solo of pure RATM! First single and strong commitment to presenting the album. But it finish quickly. Holy Fire is then guided by the pop My Number, song with clear trends from The Talking Heads, the band invites everyone to dance. Late night stands out as the best track on the album, only lack a more effusive solo at the end of the song. An live version, as you can see below, have it all.

The album grows well, but in the second part the band loses theirself a little on cyclical guitars chords. Although is a patchwork with many sonic textures and this is the maturing of the band in question – listen to the climate Moon, or Milk & Black Spiders.

Holy Fire should be enough to keep the band as a major within their league. Sure one of the best albums of 2013 so far, but the truth is that we will always expect something big to happen …. but that moment never comes.


Best Tracks: Prelude / Inhaler / Late Night / Milk & Black Spiders





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