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The formation of ‘Songs for The Deaf’, the 2002 album from Queens of the Stone Age, will be fully back together on the album that will be released this year.

Elton John is another of the guests confirmed for the new album from Queens of the Stone Age, after confirmed the presence of Trent Reznor and Mark Lanegan.

Dave Grohl revealed the collaboration while interviewing the British singer during the Chelsea Lately, the drummer said: “Recently, Elton and I recorded something together. Something That people would not image the two of us doing together.” Then Elton John continue: “I was in Vegas and I flew back to LA and Engelbert Humperdinck had written me a  very sweet letter and asked me to sing a duet with him. He is part of my history  and I couldn’t say no so I went and recorded a song with him. Then I drove three  blocks and went from Engelbert to Queens Of The Stone Age, which was a bit of a  mindfuck”

Watch Dave Grohl interview Elton John on US TV




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