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Vampire Weekend are caught up on the third album of his career succeeding the acclaimed debut Vampire Weekend (2008) and Contra (2010). This new album will have jazz, Bob Dylan and The Clash influences.
The third LP will arrive in the spring, breaking an almost 3 years stop. In declarations to Uncut, Rostam Batmanglij, the multi-instrumentalist says: ” The goal was to use organic sounds and put them in a context that you might not have heard before. It’s certainly darker and grittier than Contra. A lot of these songs are about conflict. They’re about the choices we can make, being able to do what we want with our lives… With Contra i was interested in a kind of arty, ’80’s New York sound, but this album goes deeper. It gets into the ’50s and some of it sounds like jazz, but broken down into its most basic elements and played in a very simple way. It’s more of a subtle kind of complexity and there’s an intimacy to the performances, both vocal and instrumental, that are very special. I think the sound of the piano is central to the record”

Batmanglij also advanced the title of some songs present on the record as Do not Lie, Hudson and Unbelievers, confessing that his friends told him that the songs sounded scary.

Vampire Weekend two new songs Diane Young and Step on stream here.

Vampire Weekend new song Ya Hey



Ezra vampire weekend


contra vampire weekend


vampire weekend contra


Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend cover album




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