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Published on January 2nd, 2013 | by AlexandreG.


Queens Of The Stone Age – 2013 new album

Queens Of The Stone Age have released further details of their forthcoming new album, that will be released this year.

The North-American band explained to Mojo Magazine by a handwritten letter that “even a bad event can turn into an unforgettable song”. About the sound of the new album, that will follow Era Vulgaris from 2007, Josh Homme reveals: “A stitch in time will save you 9, but… There’s no way we could have prepared for the journey up the river that is this album. In our grand plan, we envisioned our lives and recordings running like clockwerk [sic]. However, the reality has been manic and unpredictable…” and “…these songs aren’t recollections of times we had. They are depictions of what we are going through in real time. It means even a bad event can turn into an unforgettable song. At least for us, HA. The record sound like running in a dream inside a codeine cabaret. I hope you understand what that means, cause we don’t. Sounds like a load of pretentions sh..! What? Gotta go, the therapist says our time is up…”.

In the recording sessions, there were present musicians like Dave Grohl from Foo Figthers and Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails.

Queens of the Stone Age Discography:

1998 – QOTSA;

2000 – Rated R;

2002 – Song for the Deaf;

2005 – Lullabies to Paralize;

2007 – Era Vulgaris;

2013 – …Like Clockwork

Whilst there are no samples from the new album, you can relive memories with the following videos:


Queens Of The Stone Age – No One Knows


Queens Of The Stone Age – Make it With Chu






queens of the stone age wallpaper

Josh Homme Guitar

Josh Homme Dave Grohl QOTSA

Nine Inch Nails Wallpaper





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