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I am not interested in what the critics might have said, The Rolling Stones are in shape and we recommend them. The evidence? The massive tour of their 50 years of career celebration, and more recently the mini explosive performance in 12-12-12 ‘ The Concert for Sandy Relief.

Doom and Gloom is a great rock song, and is one of the two new tracks that The Rolling Stones have incorporated in the latest greatest hits Grrr! If you’ve thought the music is interesting,  this explosive video will make you surrender to them, featuring Noomi Rapace from movies like The Girl with the Dragon tatto, and Prometheus. Keep on rocking Stones. Very good!


The Rolling Stones Tongue

Ronnie Wood Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones perform at 02 Arena

The Rolling Stones 50 launch London

rolling stones black wallpaper

Bruce Springsteen Stones

lady gaga with mick jagger

Moves like Mick Jagger

rolling stones black keys

John Mayer Rolling Stones

Mick Taylor Rolling Stones

doom and gloom baby wont you dance with me

noomi rapace prometheus space jockey

Noomi Rapace the girl with the dragon tatoo

Noomi Rapace the rolling stones doom and gloom

Noomi Rapace feat Rolling Stones Doom and Gloom noomi rapace

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