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Deftones belong to the batch of bands that in the second half of the 90s launched the nu metal, and in the last years has been the one that i’m still listening. The group has released since, raw albums like Adrenaline and Around the Fur in the beginning of their career, and has been kept faithful to their style, yet today the band has move to a cohesive and progressive sound, including more melodic environments.

On their seventh studio album Koi No Yokan, still keeping to their own style (this is the band’s second album without bassist Chi Cheng – who is recovering from a long coma), they continued their sound exploration, well connected by clean guitars from the talented Stephen Carpenter, that matches perfectly with the nervous voice from Chino Moreno. Koi No Yokan finds Deftones returning with a warm, dreamy sound that feels more like we are in front of a dream pop than a heavy metal band.

In an interview with Billboard,  Chino Moreno described the album as “not super fast or slow the record. It’s very dynamic… There’s a lot of aggression in some of the music, but there’s very soothing element also this where there’s a lot of soundscapes rather than attack, attack, attack the whole team.”

Like every album that was released since then, Koi  No Yokan will be wrongly compared to White Pony. There’s nothing to compare, just enjoy the album!! The 11-track effort was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Nick Raskulinecz, who also helmed the acclaimed 2010′s Diamond Eyes.
Koi No Yokan is already in the stores via Reprise, and is without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Listen to 3 songs below:



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