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Back in 2011, we were well distracted because we didn’t know Only In Dreams, but it’s never too late , and now that we have heard the album a couple of times we can say: these chicks rock and well!

Before we talk a bit of the magnificent EP End Of Daze, we leave here a brief introduction to the the more distracted (including ourseves) from our precious Wikipedia:

Dum Dum Girls are an American noise pop/dream pop band originally from California that formed in 2009. The name comes from The Vaselines’ album Dum Dum and the Iggy Pop song “Dum Dum Boys.” It is the project of singer and songwriter Dee Dee Penny, currently based in New York City, with the rest of the band in Los Angeles. After issuing several singles and EPs, Dum Dum Girls released their first album I Will Be to critical acclaim in 2010. Their second album Only in Dreams was released in September 2011.

End of Daze it’s their new EP’, a masterful example of the best Sub Pop. It sees Dee Dee, the Dum Dum Leader, goes through these five songs with majesty and sobriety. Phil Spector with his wall of sound influenced the entire album. The first one and their best, Mine Tonight is a really sweet, dreamy, pretty song. Lord Knows, another among the best is the first single from End of Daze, and sees Dee Dee at the pinnacle of her songwriting.

In the rest of the album you can hear what was known by new wave rock roots, wich includes the slow one but powerful Trees and Flowers. Season in Hell is a loud and practically joyful closing track, which makes us think that this band will have a bright future if they keep this very high quality standard.


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