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How To Dress Well is the stage name of the American singer and producer Tom Krell. His debut album, Love Remains was released in 2010 and have received good reviews from important media like Pitchfork, Stereogum and Spin, who considered the project one of the most interesting that have emerged in recent years.

Two years have passed and some things have changed. In Total Loss, although the artist uses the guise of R&B and Pop,  he is now more and more introspective. We can even say that the album is an exploration of melancholy.

Recorded in Brooklyn, Nashville, London, and Chicago, the album is a grand experiment in mixing sparse electronica. It takes multiple listenings to find out its real qualities.

The highlights are: Set it Right, Cold Nights, the sensual Running Back, and An It Was You.  Below you can listen some of these triumphs  from Total Loss. You can also download the song Ocean Floor For Everthing

Total Loss should be heard on nights of sadness and with some rainfall on the way.

Cold Nights


& It Was You


Ocean Floor For Everything


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