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We have already talked on musiclipse about 2 favourite songs by Tame Impala, “Apocalypse Dreams” and “Elephant”, now it’s time to talk a bit about the new album Lonerism.

During the album we observed tributes of what was once built by Pink Floyd, Cream and more recent groups like The Flaming Lips. It is not surprising therefore the great evolution seen on the album, a sound quite inventive, psychedelic on ignition without losing breath from start to finish (but with quality unlike some pseudo-psychedelics).
Lots of guitar, Keep On Lying has a quite good solo at the end, and we can observe the mastery of instrumental tracks like Nothing That Has Happened To … and Music Walk Home By. Keep On Lying and Elephant are some of the most commercial pieces on the album.

This album is not for everyone , but some will know how special this band is and in particular this major Lonerism.

This new album will be launched by October 9, and a world tour is already set, part of it together with the The Black Keys.

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